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Mental health issues are a growing concern amongst our patient population, with nearly half of all UK adults experiencing a mental health problem at some point in their lives. And all of us will experience stresses or challenges in our lives that affect our mental wellbeing. (Source:

Therefore, more than ever, it’s important to talk about our mental health, and to be able to seek help rather than suffering in silence. If you’re concerned about mental health, please do talk to us about it at Wooda. You can also refer yourself to Talkworks, the local NHS talking therapy service. In an emergency, speak to the 24 hour mental health crisis line.

There are also other sources of help available, some of which are listed below:

  • Devon Partnership Trust, who run local mental health services, have a lot of information on their web site:
  • The Relate web site offers a lot of free resources for people struggling with aspects of their relationships and they also offer paid therapy sessions for couples. More information here:

  • Qwell: a new resource available to people in Devon who are having mental health difficulties, find out more here: