Female Health


All contraception is free on the NHS – even male vasectomy and female sterilisation!

Most contraception is very safe but you will need to discuss which options are appropriate for you with one of our nurses or doctors, as sometimes there are reasons why one suits an individual more than another. Book in to discuss your options with our experienced nursing team!

At Wooda we can also fit and remove Nexplanon contraceptive implants and all sorts of contraceptive ‘coils’ both using copper (non-hormonal) and using hormones (for example, the ‘Mirena’) which are among the most reliable methods of contraception- and once fitted, you can forget about them! Don’t forget that no method of contraception other than male and female condom offers you any protection from sexually transmitted infections, so it is always a good idea to have protected sex with a new partner until you have both had a sexual health screen. We are very happy to do screens here with our nursing team, but if you prefer, you can be seen confidentially at Devon Sexual Health, in Barnstaple. They can be found online at Devon Sexual Health.

It can be hard to find up to date and reliable information about contraceptive methods, but Contraception Choices is a fantastic, clear website with great information to help guide your choice.

No method of contraception is 100% effective, and sometimes things go wrong. If you find yourself pregnant and do not feel that you can continue, please call us and we can talk about your options, including termination of the pregnancy.

Sometimes it can be hard to speak to your GP about this. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) can offer helpful, immediate advice for women with unplanned pregnancies. Another organisation that can provide confidential access to pregnancy termination services is MSI (Marie Stopes International) UK.