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The NHS App is now the preferred way to access NHS online services. New users can register online. Please click the NHS App button below to get started.

For more information about this service, please see the NHS App PDF leaflet (right click to save).

For existing SystmOnline users, please click here to log in to your SystmOnline account.

The HANDi app has been developed by paediatric consultants and provides advice and guidance for the most common childhood health care conditions.

Just answer a series of questions about the symptoms your child is experiencing. The app then advises on the best course of action, e.g. treat at home, make a GP appointment, or to head to A&E.

Go to https://onedevon.org.uk/our-work/services-and-support/children-and-young-people/handi-app/ to download the app.

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