COVID-19 Vaccinations

We have started the roll out of the COVID 19 vaccination programme and working with 14 other GP practices we are holding clinics in the Barnstaple Leisure Centre.  We are reliant on the national delivery of vaccines and we then arrange our clinics around those dates.  We have started with priority group 1 which is care home residents and staff and the over 80 year olds.

Please do not contact the practice about these vaccinations as we will contact patients directly and we will share all the information including about other priority groups as it develops on our websites and social media to keep you as informed as possible.

You will have heard about larger mass vaccination sites being set up across the country and it may be that at some stage you will receive a letter from the national booking team inviting you to have your vaccine – when you get this letter you can choose to either go to a mass vaccination site (and the letter will tell you where this is) or to have it done more locally.  We are concerned that it may cause some confusion as these letters will not come from the practice but from a central team and we have no influence over this.

We are delighted that there is a vaccination and we will be playing our part in the NHS wide roll out over the coming months as it will take some time to vaccinate everyone  – we thank you for your patience and understanding.